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Filing bankruptcy is a legal option for those struggling with debts that they cannot afford to pay. While personal bankruptcy is often seen as a last resort, the truth is that bankruptcy laws offer legal protection that most other debt-relief options do not.

Deciding if bankruptcy is the right choice and determining if you are eligible to file depends on your unique situation. Let a local attorney assess your financial needs in a free case evaluation. Connect with a bankruptcy lawyer near you today – just fill out the form on this page to get started.

Bankruptcy Protections – What Are They?

Personal bankruptcy offers two key legal protections – one that begins the moment that you file bankruptcy and one that take effect when your case is finished.

The first is called the Automatic Stay. This is a court order that makes it illegal for your creditors to call you, send letters for payment, or garnish your wages during your case. It can also halt foreclosure and repossession efforts in their tracks. The automatic stay typically goes into effect once the bankruptcy court clerk receives your bankruptcy petition and last for the duration of your case.
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On November 1, 2010 a new set of data will take effect that will make qualifying for Chapter 7 bankruptcy more difficult for some debtors. As the median income drops for the average American, the U.S. Trustee Program of DOJ will apply new guidelines for the bankruptcy means test. The U.S. Census Bureau compiled a new median family income based on family size. The new figures will take effect on cases filed on and after November 1, 2010.

The table below is a side-by-side comparison of the old and new data. It might be wise to consult a local bankruptcy lawyer near your area if you have plans to use bankruptcy to solve your growing debt problems.

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Here’s a compilation of the 2009 statistical data that came from the U.S. Bankruptcy Court website. Figures are for non-business bankruptcy filing (Chapter 7, Chapter 11 & Chapter 13 only). The top 9 states are listed below, followed by a complete list sorted by state.

CA 200,806 California IL 71,778 Illinois NY 54,124 New York
FL 92,158 Florida OH 68,748 Ohio TN 53,138 Tennessee
GA 72,126 Georgia MI 67,265 Michigan TX 50,868 Texas

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Are you one of the individuals who are asking these questions: “What is the average bankruptcy attorney fees?” or maybe you are asking “How much does a bankruptcy lawyer cost?”

If you’re planning to file bankruptcy then this is one of the important information that you need to know. Aside from the filing fee, the cost of the legal professional is the biggest expense when it comes to consumer bankruptcy filing. The average fee that an attorney can charge you is $252.50 an hour if we are to base it on the 2007 Altman Weil Survey of Law Firm Economics. This data refers to law firms and not private practice lawyers. Usually, consumer bankruptcy lawyers charge less than this amount.

One good source of updated information that you can use is LegalMatch’s database of pre-screened bankruptcy lawyers. For example, if you are in Nevada, you can use the screen shot below as reference. When you visit LegalMatch make sure you specify your location to get the correct data.
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Low-cost Colorado bankruptcy lawyers are looking to help you during these tough economic times. Finances have been spread thin for many people and the only answer seems to be one of the many bankruptcy options. Choosing a Colorado bankruptcy lawyer to help guide you through the bankruptcy process may be just what you need to get your finances back on track.

Steps for Choosing Cheap Bankruptcy Lawyers in Colorado

  1. Start looking for a bankruptcy lawyer even before you are sure you are going to be filing for bankruptcy. It is better to already have the search finalized and let the lawyer help you make the decision as to whether bankruptcy is right for your situation and which bankruptcy chapter to choose.
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