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Cheap Bankruptcy Lawyers in MN Minnesota

by Roilee Mandeville

in Bankruptcy Basics

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Finding cheap Minnesota bankruptcy lawyers should not be a challenge. Financial troubles cause enough stress without adding in worries about lawyers. The good news is that you can choose a Minnesota bankruptcy lawyer that will fit your needs (and budget) by following a few simple steps.

Steps for Choosing a Minnesota Bankruptcy Lawyer

  1. Invest some time so that you can save some money (or at least spend it in the right location). Most bankruptcy lawyers offer a free initial consultation. Take the offer and spend some of the time talking to each lawyer about their past experiences. These consultations allow the bankruptcy lawyer to understand your situation and how he or she can help and they also give you a chance to see if this is the person that you want to work with for how ever long it takes to settle your finances.
  2. Take a trip to your local bankruptcy court. Visiting the court will give you a very basic idea of what you will be facing but it may also give you a chance to watch some of the bankruptcy lawyers from your area in action. There are bankruptcy courthouses in Minneapolis, Duluth, Fergus Falls and St. Paul.
  3. Make use of technology. The Internet has made the world smaller and more accessible place. Type in “bankruptcy lawyer” into your favorite search engine and then narrow down the search for Minnesota bankruptcy lawyers in your general area. Once you find a few lawyers or law offices then do another search specific to each one. You may get some great insight into the services that they have provided in the past.
  4. LegalMatch Pre-Screen Process
    Use legal matching services. Taking a few moments to post your case to pre-screened lawyers will help match you with the right bankruptcy lawyer for your needs. The information you receive is free and you are under no obligation to follow through on that information. It is only for your benefit.
  5. Understand your options so you can understand what the bankruptcy lawyer is talking about when he or she discusses your financial situation. Minnesota has specific rules and regulations surrounding bankruptcy. You need to know what your basic options are instead of just turning your choices over to someone else.

Financial troubles are something that everyone faces at some point in time. Even wealthy land developers run into trouble and bankruptcy may be the only option. The good news for you is that bankruptcy can be a fresh beginning instead of the dead end that it may feel like at this moment.

It is important to be surrounded with the right support. Finding a Minnesota bankruptcy lawyer that will help you through this difficult step in your life can be what makes the difference between it being a bump in your road or a trench that puts your forward progress to a halt.

Quick Minnesota Bankruptcy Statistics

According to Martindale-Hubbell Legal Network, there are 174 registered bankruptcy lawyers in the State of Minnesota. Only 47 of these lawyers are members of the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys (NACBA) — a national advocacy organization dedicated to serving the needs of consumer bankruptcy attorneys and protecting the rights of consumer debtors in bankruptcy.

In 2008, there are a total of 15,743 personal bankruptcy filings in Minnesota. This includes both Chapter 7 and 13. This means that on average, a bankruptcy lawyer handles 90 cases each year. This translates to 7.5 bankruptcy filings each month for one lawyer.

From January to March of 2009, there are 4,830 bankruptcy cases filed for both personal and business bankruptcy in Minnesota.

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