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Arizona Cheap Bankruptcy Lawyers (AZ)

by Roilee Mandeville

in Bankruptcy Basics

Arizona bankruptcy lawyers are the best tool you can have when you are struggling with the decision about your financial future. These lawyers understand the laws and exemptions of bankruptcy and their knowledge can help make your own experience a little less stressful. Choosing the right bankruptcy lawyer begins with asking the right questions.

Questions to Ask Arizona Bankruptcy Lawyers

  1. What are the exemptions that I can get if I do file for bankruptcy? Each state has different exemption limits that can be taken. Federal exemptions are currently not used in Arizona. It will help you with your bankruptcy decisions if you know what you will be able to walk away with once the dust has settled.
  2. What are the costs of filing for bankruptcy? It would make sense that if you are filing for bankruptcy, it is because you are out of money. It doesn’t mean that filing for bankruptcy will be free. Hiring a lawyer will cost something, although some lawyers may offer a sliding scale for clients in desperate need. The actual filing process in Arizona will also cost around $300 for Chapter 7 while Chapter 13 is about $275.
  3. What do your other clients have to say about your services? A bankruptcy lawyer should be willing to share references. If they are hesitant then consider researching each lawyer on the internet.
  4. How long have you been practicing bankruptcy law in Arizona? Experience is often the key when it comes to settling your financial troubles in the quickest and easiest manner. You want to know how many cases the lawyer had worked but also how recent because laws are always changing and adjusting.
LegalMatch Pre-Screen Process

You can make the process of finding an Arizona bankruptcy lawyer one step easier by presenting your case to pre-screened lawyers. The information you receive will be free and you are under no obligation to follow the recommendations.

Keep in mind that finding the right Arizona bankruptcy lawyer is only the first step in the process. You have to decide now to change your financial ways. The new regulations surrounding bankruptcy mean that this will be a one-time fix (at least for several years). Unless you invest some time into changing your financial habits then bankruptcy will only help you dig your financial hole even deeper.

Settling your financial troubles may require filing for bankruptcy in one form or another. Before making the final decision, take some time to find an Arizona bankruptcy lawyer that can help you understand the bankruptcy process and make the right financial decisions for your specific situation. Asking the right questions will help you find the Arizona bankruptcy attorney that will fit your needs.

Bankruptcy Statistics for Phoenix, Arizona

In 2008, there’s a total of 13,817 bankruptcy filings in Phoenix. From January to April of 2009 there’s a total of 6,637 filings. That’s almost half of the total bankruptcy filings for last year already.

Chapter 7 with 5,447 filers comprises the majority of the bankruptcy filings from January to April this year. Chapter 13 has 1,050 filers for the same period while 140 filed Chapter 11.

Arizona Bankruptcy Courts

Phoenix Division
230 N. First Ave, Suite 101
Phoenix, AZ 85003
Telephone: 602-682-4000 or 800-556-9230


Tucson Division
38 South Scott Avenue
Tucson, AZ 85701
Telephone: 520-202-7500 or 800-556-9224


Yuma Division
325 W. 19th Street
Suite D
Yuma, AZ 85364
Telephone: 928-783-2288 or 800-556-9227


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